Setapak Central, KL

Store Guide

Floor Plan image of 2nd Floor
Second Floor
S 01Parkson
S 29A & S30MBO Cinemas
Beauty & Personal Care
S 07Herbaline
S 10BBrio Essence
S 14Bluunis
S 47London Weight Management
S 52Dres Divine
S 53New York Skin Solutions
S 54Relax Oasis
S 55 & 56Bello Nail Spa
Books & Hobbies
S 40Popular
S 45Genius Game
S 58Yamaha
Children & Children's Enrichment
S 06Anakku
S 05Laimage Maternity
S 08 & 09Little House
S 12BB Oasis
Convenience & Services
S 337-Eleven
S 38U Mobile
S 13Haulmark
S 21APeace Collection
S 22Shawls
SK 2A & 2BBreeze
Food & Beverages
S 23Subway
S 24Taiwan Recipe
S 24AKebab Turki Baba Rafi
S 25 & S 25AAh Cheng Laska
S 28 & S 29Sarawak's Bowl
SK 3ADaily Fresh
SK 3BHot & Roll
SK 4Cool Blog
SK 9I Love Yoo!
SK 11SDS (Snacks & Tidbits)
SK 15Tako Tao
Gift & Souvenirs
S 36GM Concept X
S 39Living Plus
S 44East Station
S 57AHinode
S 60New Market
Health & Fitness Equipment
S 16 & S 17Gintell Rest N Go
S 59Fitness Concept
Home Decor & Furnishing
S 19Akemiuchi
S 20 & 21Kaison
S 57Barakat Home
IT & Digital Lifestyle
S 10ADigital Axis
S 15All IT Xpress
S 31Oppo
S 32Samsung
S 41Vivo
S 42BB Store
S 43Lenovo
S 46Huawei (Opening Soon)
S 48 - 50Asashi
S 51Mr. Sprint Mobile Specialist
SK 5Samsung
SK 6My Tab
SK 7Blackberry
SK 8MC Store
SK 12Ideal Smartphone
SK 13S Future Century
SK 14Gadget & I.T Zone
Shoes, Bags & Leather Goods
S 18Cosas United
SK 1Summer Blog
Urban Leisure
S 02 & 04Molly Fantasy
S 26 & 27Superstar Karaoke
S 34IDM Family Games Centre
S 356D Motion Ride
Floor Plan image of the 1st Floor
First Floor
F 01Parkson
Beauty & Personal Care
F 4Hair Zone Studio
F 6 & F 7Watsons
F 17T&T Boutique Salon
F 21Nail & Foot Beauty Saloon
F 51Silver Cut
FK 01ATop Secret Studio
FK 02CElianto
FK 03AEtude House
FK 04Parfum De Papillon
Books & Hobbies
F 52Hasani Books & Stationery
Convenience & Services
FK 5TM Unifi
F 05I.O.ONE Jeans
F 32Empz
F 33The Under Shop
F 34Chapter 2
F 35Simple
F 36F.O.S
F 37Sox World
F 37AAlbum Style
F 38Seventy Street Boutique (Opening Soon)
F 39Pierre Cardin
F 40 - 47H&M
F 49 & 50Young Curves
F 51AMinoshe
F 53 - 55Polo Haus
FK 3BCaption
FK 4AFelancy
Food & Beverages
F 11Daily Kopitiam
F 12Sakae Sushi
F 13Bee Won Korean Restaurant
F 13ATealive
F 14Penang Xpress
F 15Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks
Health & Fitness Equipment
F 29Gintell
Home Decor & Furnishing
F 18Yubiso
F 19Daiso
F 26Home's Harmony
F 28Ni-Shin Home ART
IT & Digital Lifestyle
F 10Digital Gallery
F 20ARemax
F 27TBM Electrical
FK 7Samsung
FK 8Tech Gaga
FK 9 & 10Oppo
FK 11 & 12NYC Mobile
Jewellery, Timepieces & Writting Instruments
F 09YL Time Gallery
FK 2A & 2BGreat Time
Optical & Eyecare Services
F 16Milano Eyes Fashion
F 48A-Look Eyewear
Shoes, Bags & Leather Goods
F 02 & 03Bata
F 08Bonita
F 22Licci
F 23Sports Empire
F 24 & 25Original Classic
F 30 & 31Al-Ikhsan
Floor Plan image of the Ground Floor
Ground Floor
G 01Econsave
Beauty & Personal Care
G 02AGuardian
G 29The Face Shop
G 44Always 21
G 45AShins
G 57Sasa
G 61 & G 62Health Lane Family Pharmarcy
G 63Himalaya
GK 4BEuphoria
Convenience & Services
G 38ACelcom
G 49DiGi Store
G 33A & G33BMaxis
G 09Teetoo
G 19,20,25,27Cotton On
G 27Black Queen
G 39Audrey
G 42Nichii
G 42AGiordano
G 43Ethnic Sense
G 45Pamela
G 46Kitschen
G 51,52,55,56H&M
G 59Hi Style
Food & Beverages
G 02Kenny Roger Roasters
G 03RT Pastry House
G 04Fish & Co.
G 05The Chicken Rice Shop
G 13The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
G 14 & AG 14Nando's
G 15 & AG 15Suki-ya
G 16 & AG 16BBQ Chicken
G 17 & AG 17Pulau Ketam Steamboat
G 21Sakura Kristal
G 30 & G 31Asia Deli Food Street
G 32Food & Tea
G 33Sushi King
G 34BarBQ Plaza
G 35Kitchen Teppanyaki
G 36 & AG 36Little Wok Kitchen
G 37Ayam Penyet - AP
G 37ATeh Tarik Place
G 38Seoul Garden
G 50 & AG 50Dr Cafe Coffee
G 58Koong Woh Tong
G 60Soon Thye Hang
G 63AThe Morning After
G 64Secret Recipe
G 65Texas Chicken
Food & Beverages
GK 1Auntie Anne's
GK 1ABig Apple Donuts & Coffee
GK 1BTokyo Secret
GK 1CHui Lau Shan
GK 2Pappa Roti
GK 2BFamous Amos
GK 3Gelato Fruity
GK 6AParatha Crispy Popiah
GK 6BEmpire Sushi
GK 7Baskin Robbins
GK 8Cornery
GK 9Juice Works
IT & Digital Lifestyle
G 07Mac City
Jewellery, Timepieces & Writing Instruments
G 24Style Watch
G 41Wah Chan
G 48Habib
G 53Tomei
G 54City Chain
GK 4ABonia
GK 5Lazo Diamond
Optical & Eyecare Services
G 08M.O.G
G 28Focus Point
G 47O.W.L
Shoes, Bags & Leather Goods
G 10Vern's
G 11Cosas United (Opening Soon)
G 12F.Timber
G 22Hush Puppies Footwear & Accessories
G 23Summit
Urban Leisure
G 06Speedy Video
Floor Plan image of the Lower Ground Floor
Lower Ground Floor
LG 1Citra Beauty World
LG 1AMy Kiosk
LG 3Alif Money Changer
LG 4 & LG
LG 6ASaleha Mat Couture
LG 6BHearing Partners
LG 7He Cut Barber Shop
LG 8Comfort Health Care Centre
LG 9Aliva
LG 10Easy 99 Station
LG 10AMail Boxes Etc
LG 11City Car Care Centre